Illustration for "The Sea King's Gift"

Illustration for "The Castle of Kerglas"

Illustration for "The Hoodie Crow"

illustration for "The Brown Bear of Norway"

illustration for "The Three Crowns"

Illustration for "The One Handed Girl"

Illustration for "The Groac'h of the Isle of Lok"

Illustration for "The Four Gifts"

Illustration for "The King of the Waterfalls"

Illustration from "The Winning of Olwen"

Illustration for "The Fairy Nurse"

Illustration for "Big Moti"

The Lilac Fairy Book

Illustrations created for “The Lilac Fairy Book” by Andrew Lang, published by the Folio Society. Andrew Lang did a collection of books, called the rainbow fairy books because each book is named after a different color. Each book consists of a vast collection of fairy tales from different cultures that Mr. Lang put together. You can purchase the Lilac Fairy book, and all the others, from the Folio Society.

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