Illustrators Unlimited: by R. Klanten (Author), H. Hellige (Author)
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The work and methods of illustrators from around the world reveal the scope of this creative discipline. In recent years, illustration has evolved from a purely service-oriented trade to an expressive, poetic, and esteemed voice in contemporary visual culture. Today it continues to burgeon as a creative discipline--especially in its more artistic forms. Editorial design increasingly uses illustration in place of photography because it depicts and enriches content in a way that offers an expanded dimension of communication. Illustrators Unlimited presents the work of cutting-edge illustration talents scouted from around the world. They are working independently from fleeting trends and represent the best of the virtually inexhaustible possibilities of styles and techniques that are practiced today. The book is structured according to the featured illustrators. Each one is introduced with a variety of representative examples of his or her work plus a text portrait written by James Gaddy, a former editor at Print magazine. Whether created by established names or fresh talents, the work collected here has been chosen solely for its artistic merit. The lavish images covering page after page and insightful accompanying texts make Illustrators Unlimited a comprehensive overview of contemporary illustration. The book is a definitive reference for clients looking to commission work, for agencies, and anyone else who is interested in this multifaceted creative medium.

"All Rights Reserved", by Society6
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"Dark Stories by Dark Artists" by Nie Youjia
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The artists brought together in Dark Stories by Dark Artists can attest to the truly transformative process of creating artwork that deals with the darkest elements of human nature in both oneself and other creatures. These pieces can be gruesome or bizarre, but they are always truthful, powerful, and incredibly imaginative. The artworks within this stunning title utilize a diversity of mediums including illustration, paintings, products, sculptures, and installations. Ultimately personal, this collection drawing together influential artists from around the world and asks each of these artists to reveal their own dark stories and then create fresh artwork inspired by those autobiographical tales. The creative process and conceptual work behind each piece is revealed as never before through this extensive collection that will enchant, disgust, and amaze. Artists featured include Ray Caesar, Blanquet, and David Stoupakis.

The Lilac Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, Illustrated by Caitlin Hackett, published through the Folio Society.
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